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Lister is an end-to-end private medical billing company that offers highly personalized and cost effective services across many States in the US. We leverage our domain expertise in 24 specialties and experience in 25 Practice Management Software to ensure quicker cash flows for your practice. Outsourcing Medical Billing to Lister can help your business improve cash flow in a hassle free manner.

Lister's Billing Services Include

Patient Registration

Are you worried about low clean submissions and high claim denials at your Center?

Don’t worry. We, at Lister, understand the financial impact of that on your business. That’s why when it comes to patient registration, we scrutinize and validate every patient data including legal name, gender, address, contact information, social security numbers, insurance details, and Medicaid or Medicare policy. We ensure accurate capture of patient information to help with increased clean claim submission and avoid any delay in payments to your Center

Eligibility Verification

Is eligibility verification a headache for you?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We know how important that is for successful billing. To enable correct claim submissions, our team checks and validates insurance details provided for the service taken, which may be active or inactive for the specific policy/ member id. This stringent process maximizes billing, minimizes denials, and increases reimbursements.


Want clean claims and fewer denials?

Lister can help you with that. Our experienced and knowledgeable coders help submit your claims within 2 days. This ensures quick cash flows. Not just that, we ensure over 98% accuracy in processing claims, due to our stringent quality checks. With ICD10 and the constant change in regulations, it’s critical to be accurate in coding. This helps your Center with reduced claim denials and better cash flow. Talk to us today to find out how we could do that for you!

Coding Audit

Did you know that more than 40% of Medicare claims are inaccurately coded

If you don’t audit medical coding, you risk compliance and loss in revenue. To ensure that your denials are low, everything from documentation of patient information to physician documentation to the accuracy of codes is thoroughly reviewed by our experienced team. This paves the way for efficient claim processing and accurate payments for you.

Charge Entry

Is charge entry a hassle at your Center?

Leave that to us and focus on growing your revenue. Our world-class processes ensure that we check and validate key items including diagnosis and procedure codes, number of units, and modifiers. Not just that, the billing provider and referring provider, date of service are captured along with insurance sections and place of service. All data is captured from EMR and reviewed before claims are submitted. This stringent quality process, of Lister, plugs any revenue leakage. Efficient charge entry ensures that the documented services are translated into billable charges.

Claims Transmission

Are you facing delays in claims transmission?

We’re here to solve that for you as Lister’s processes ensure timely claims transmission. After the charge has been thoroughly reviewed for compliance and accuracy of information captured, it’s submitted electronically to a clearing house, a third party which liaises between provider’s Practice Management System and insurance companies.

Payment Posting (Electronic and Manual)

Looking to get a clear picture of your financial position?

Accurate payment posting is critical to a Center as it helps give a bird’s eye view of your financial position. We have established processes to ensure that payments received from insurance/ patient are accounted to respective claims with reference to Explanation of Benefits (EOBs).

Denial Posting and Analysis

Is denial posting a headache for you?

Incorrect or missing data can lead to high denials and severely impact your cash flow. With years of experience in medical billing services, we’ve built an efficient denial management process to help you improve the profitability of your practice. We analyze data and work to find the root causes and assist your team to avoid them in the future. Talk to us today to understand how we can lower your denials and enhance your revenue.

Accounts Receivables Management

Are you struggling with AR?

For multiple Centers that we work with, the over-90-days receivables have been reduced to less than 10% of their total AR. How did we achieve that! To manage the total outstanding claims with Insurance companies and Patients, we follow a systematic approach to address claims in a timely manner. This process helps Centers with faster collection.

Secondary claims transmission – (Electronic and Manual)

After posting payments from Primary insurance, the secondary claim gets generated.  Insurances that have ability to accept secondary claims electronically are identified and setup will be done to process the same. This way, the secondary insurance will receive claim soon after primary payment and they will process payment for their part. Insurances that do not accept claims electronically are also identified and claims will be sent manually with primary payment details.

Patient Statements

Follow-up with patients for payments

Based on business rules of each clinic, statements are sent to each patient with details of claims and any payments to be made by them. This ensures that the Center gets its due payments in time.

Credit Balance – Insurance and Patients

Do you wish to have clean claims?

Excess payment for a service happens due to errors in co-insurance payment, duplicate payments made by insurers; or accounting errors and result in credit balance in a patient’s account. Appropriate review of patient accounts and settling them through corrective action will help the Center (and the patient) have a clean record with the insurer. By doing this, Centers can avoid any legal issues for failing to return overpayments.

Collection Letter Processing

Struggling with collections?

Timely action in every process is the key to improved collections. At Lister, we all understand that well. Although this is one of the many processes in Patient AR, we pay careful attention to it. The timely action of sending Patient accounts to Collections after a specific number of bills, ensures that patients pay and cash flows for the Center are not impacted in any way.

Small Balance Adjustments

Based on each Center’s business rules, amount less than agreed value will be adjusted.  This way, the patient account does not have any petty outstanding balance.

Old AR Management

Identifying claims that are old and putting in a process for possible collection of dues helps add to the Center’s cash flow.

What we can do for you

Ensure Quick Cash Flows

Within two days, your claims are processed and submitted. Our diligent follow-up with insurance companies ensures quicker cash flow for your practice.

Reduce AR

Are rising Accounts Receivables making you lose sleep? Trust us, we could reduce your >90 days receivables to less than 10% of the total AR..

Increase Your Patient Base

We take complete care of your billing so that you can give quality time to your patients, increase the number of patients and grow your revenues.

Save Resources

Leave your medical billing worries to us and free your staff to concentrate on other tasks. This way, you’ll save a lot of resources.

Reduce Cost by up to 40%

Medical billing outsourcing can help you significantly lower the costs associated with additional employees and office infrastructure and eliminate downtime due to staff illness and vacations.

Reduce Rejected Claims

Over 98% accuracy level in processing the claims is ensured through our stringent quality checks.

Help in Knowledge Retention

Worried about losing medical billing knowledge when your staff leave? With Lister, the business and process knowledge of your practice remains with us even if your staff leaves the practice. With the claims being processed on time, your cash flow remains unaffected.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our simple but intelligent reports provide you with valuable business insights, on a regular basis. Not just that. At your request our billing team professionals can create custom reports to meet either on-going information requirements or one-time analysis.

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