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Our growth over the years has been because of our value driven approach for the community, people and customers.


What you do is mostly about you and also about ‘where’ you do. Everyone has a preference and everyone has a basis to take up a job or better, a career. In the end it may be about money, a position, a brand or simply just the work. But it should also be about your growth from A to B – as a person and within. It should also be about what you achieved in life. And most importantly did you get the opportunity to do both.


Aspirations and ambitions need to be matched by ability and attitude – in a continuum that gives you the opportunity to use them, leverage them. And by opportunities we do not mean the run-of-the-mill ‘client-wants-this-and-thus-this-is-what-needs-to-be-done’ scenarios. You learn to appreciate yourself and others when one’s true intellect is put to the test of times. It is about thinking out-of-the-box (as cliched as it may be) and setting a trend. Would it not be spectacular if you are setting benchmarks rather than following them?

Lister is a company that expects its associates to provide solutions in the most demanding situations. However, Lister’s systematic approach to motivate and nurture employees enables them to learn and grow with an opportunity to reach their ambitions. This makes us unique and allows us to provide world-class services to our clients. Skilled professionals with both functional and technical expertise are part of Lister team. Lister’s employees have built a performance culture based on independence, simplicity, respect and creativity – enabling Lister to help its clients make progress.


Lister welcomes and encourages diversity in the workplace. We’ve been dedicated to meeting the changing needs of our customers and associates since our inception. Lister offers an outstanding experience to people through technology and process innovation.

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